Faculty of Business Summer Programme 2018

Notes to applicants
Please submit your application online to PolyU Faculty of Business on or before 3 June 2018 (Sunday).
  1. Complete the Online Application Form below
  2. Upload a copy of your latest academic report / transcript
  3. Upload a copy of your ID Card or other proof of identity
  4. Upload a completed Letter of Consent from your Parent/Guardian (download the Letter here)
  5. Pay HK$300 programme fee (refundable for unsuccessful application only) via the online payment system by using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7/8/9/10/11 or Chrome 65.X or above.
Completion of online application form
Applicants should complete Sections I to III of the form for enrolment and settle payment with credit card.
Notification of application result
In the event of over subscription for enrolment, places will be allocated by drawing lots. Applicants will be notified of the application results in about two weeks' time after the application deadline. For unsuccessful applications, refund of the $300 programme fee will be arranged through PolyU's Finance Office.
Use of information collected in application
Personal data provided in this application form will be used solely for the Summer Programme and activities of PolyU and the Faculty of Business. Under the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, applicants have the rights to request access to and correction of their personal data. Applicants wishing to access or make correction to their data should submit a written request to the Faculty of Business.
Participants completing all activities in the programme will receive a Certification of Participation.

I. To be completed by applicant (in English)
Name in English [as shown on ID card or other proof of identity]  
Name in Chinese [if applicable]  
Identity Document No. [Passport no./ HKID no.]  
Date of Birth
Correspondence Address
Residential Address
Contact Tel. No. (Home)  
Contact Tel. No. (Mobile)  
Email address
(Payment Link will be sent to this email)
Name of School  
Current Year of Study  
School Address  
Contact Person  
Emergency Contact No.  
Contact Address  
Contact Email address
Do you require special diet?  
Do you have any health conditions that require special attention?  
What business topic(s) are you interested in?
What business programme(s) in the Faculty of Business are you interested in?  
Have you participated in any activity organized by PolyU’s Faculty of Business before?  
II. Authorization and declaration of applicant

   I authorize The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to use my data provided in this form and photos taken during the Summer Programme for the following purposes:

1) Sending me information about PolyU and its departments, including programmes, news and event details, during and after the Summer Programme;

2) Promotion of related functions and activities organized by PolyU and the Faculty of Business

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